Bastrop ISD          TEA

 Health for our BISD students involves complete physical, mental, and social well-being

The Bastrop Independent School District School Coordinated Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) works to promote wellness in many areas for our students.  The SHAC committee, mandated by TEA, was created to represent a systemic approach to addressing student needs.  This state model contains eight components:
Health Education
Health and Safe School Environment
Parent and Community Involvement
Staff Wellness Promotion
 “The above components encompass a school's instruction, services, and physical and social environments.  Leadership, partnerships, and coordination serve as the "glue" that holds the different pieces together to form a coherent whole.  Because individuals, institutions, needs, and resources differ from community to community, no two approaches are expected to look exactly alike.  Each new setting will bring together a unique group of people and agencies to determine the specific needs facing young people in their schools and build on the many resources that are already in place to support positive youth development”. (TEA Website, Health and Safety Division)

BISD Strategic Plan: Strategy 6
Beginning in the 2010-2011 school year, the Bastrop Independent School District embarked upon a five year strategic planning process to enhance the school experience and academic performance of our students.  The BISD Strategic Plan, made up of specific areas and action steps, was crafted by various members of the BISD and community. The strategy given to the BISD SHAC committee focuses on the social and emotional well being of students and reads, The district will implement a standardized system using proactive, preventative programs and strategies for identifying and serving students and families with social and emotional concerns.” In keeping with the above state model, our SHAC committee has chosen health, physical fitness, nutrition, and counseling to illustrate resources and highlights of our programs for our families.