Texas Performance Standards Projects

 The Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) is a resource for providing differentiated instruction to gifted/talented (G/T) students . The TPSP provides a coherent package of standards, curriculum, and assessments for use in G/T programs from kindergarten through high school.

The TPSP  provides resources for G/T teachers and students that allow students to create professional quality work in alignment with the Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students.

At each grade level, the TPSP provides guidelines for independent learning experiences and research projects that teachers can adapt and use with their G/T students. The projects, or “tasks,” are based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and focus on the foundation content areas of English language arts and reading, mathematics, science, and social studies with interdisciplinary connections.

Listed on this page are the Projects that we will be working on this school year. 

Texas Performance Standards

1st Grade  - Animal Nation and Songwriter's Club

2nd Grade - Biography and Secret Lives of Public Places

3rd Grade - Building a Business - Arcade for 3rd grade Business and Utopian Destination

4th Grade - Enigmas and Innovation Celebration

First Grade
Animal Nation

Students will study different animals to learn about their basic needs and ecosystems in which they live. Students will choose an animal to observe, describe, and research, determining its basic needs and how they are met. Students will then discuss different outcomes for their animals if their needs are not met (e.g., become extinct, adapt). Their learning will culminate in an “animal report” in which they will predict their animals’ future if their needs are not met and present their predictions to the class.
Songwriter's Club
 In this task, students will study songs and explore song lyrics as storytelling devices. Students will research the songwriting process and songwriters. Students will examine how songs communicate content and emotions. Their learning will culminate in the composition and presentation of original song lyrics that tell a story about their own life. We hope to be able to have the kids use "Garage Band" on the i pod i touches to create their final prodution.
Second Grade
Who's Who A Study of Biography
After completing the Story Starter challenge students will be working on this project. In
this task, students study famous people and how they used their gifts and talents to overcome challenges and become successful. Students compare/contrast biographies of several people. In their research, they will choose a figure to study and create a timeline of the person’s life. The students will be bringing their biography to live by creating a "bio-buddy" and sharing their information in a short video. 
The Secret Lives of Public Places
In this task, students will explore the history behind a local park or public space. Students investigate the design of the space, examine its significance historically, understand its usage by community participants, and propose additions or modifications to encourage further awareness or use of the space.

Third Grade
Building a Business: Games and Toys
This project generates an understanding of marketing, consumer awareness, and business models by studying the games and toys industry. Students will accept the Cardboard Challenge by building a Cardboard Arcade and learn a little about what it takes to build and run a business. The kids will create their own websites to share their games with others. 

Utopian Destination
In this task, students imagine, research, plan and design the city of their dreams. Through hands-on activities and explorations building off of the history of the local community, students gain awareness of ways in which people in the local community and other communities meet their needs for government, education, communication, transportation, and recreation. Students compare and contrast urban and rural locations, as well as study how cities evolve over time. .

Fourth Grade

Enigmas is a science unit that allows students to study a naturally occurring enigma, an unsolved mystery, using scientific research methods. Students will explore in depth an enigma and develop a hypothesis that proposes a solution to his/her chosen mystery. Students will also be able to see how different fields of science fit together and the similarities and differences among the different fields.

Innovation Celebrations

This task allows students to investigate the process of innovative thinking and to study why society calls for certain inventions at certain times. Students gain an understanding of the process of innovation. Students will also develop an understanding of contributions that individuals have made to society and appreciate the impact of these contributions over time. By studying and "interacting with" famous inventors, scientists, thinkers, and philosophers, students will celebrate the spirit of innovation. 

For more information about the Texas Performance Standards Projects, please go to the following website.