Learning Links

Go to www.bisdtx.org. Hover over "Parents and Students" link. Click on "Learning Links." 
Click on LIBRARY icon. Choose Mina Elelmentary.
Under the CATALOG tab, look up resources found in Mina library,
 inc. ebooks and online interactive books. 
Access all BISD library online catalogs by going to BASTROP ISD DESTINY LIBRARY CATALOG
 From there you can access library resources as well as  EDUCATIONAL WEB SITES and FREE DATA BASES that are useful and fuN.

 Over 300 Elementary age ebooks can be accessed from the catalog. We also have 20 Capstone Interactive ebooks that have 
a "read-aloud" feature. 
Britannica Online is a free Encyclopedia database available to all elementary students at
Ask the library media specialist or your teacher for the password.
4:045 Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Past, Tyrannosaur, Trachodon, Triceratops