Parent Directive Form

The Child Nutrition Department offers monitoring opportunities, through our automated Child Nutrition computer system, to help you and your student with monitoring funds and balances assigned to their accounts.  Below is a list of choices that can be “tagged” on your students account to notify the cashiers of your wishes.  A Parent Directives Form is attached at the bottom of the page.



1. No Breakfast ________           2. No Snacks_________ 3. Check I. D. ________


4. Allergy ___________ (Requires a note from your family Physician)


5. Other______________________________________________________


 All of these message “tags” deal with money you place on your student’s account and the “tags” let us know how your student may utilize their accounts.  For example: if you put $20.00 a month on your student’s account to purchase “lunch only” and you do not want your student buying breakfast or snacks with that account, then we will “tag” the account so your student can only access funds for lunch. 


In addition to message “tags” we can also offer history printouts of your student’s account whenever requested to assist you in monitoring your student’s spending habits. 


All message “tags” are cleared each summer and will need to be updated each year should you feel you need to do so. The forms will be at every campus cafeteria and the Service Center throughout the year.


It is important to note that we do not monitor cash sales where student brings money to purchase items in lieu of using their automated accounts. 


We are happy to discuss our automated Child Nutrition system with you and or any other question(s) you may have about our food service programs.  Please feel free to call us at 321-2292.



Henry Gideon,
Feb 16, 2012, 9:37 AM