M. Teresa Murphy-Dyer


English II/English III CollaborativeTeacher

Special Education Case Manager

Room 211

Phone: 817-245-0000 Extension 0157

Burleson High School, 2016-2017 


Monday 8:15-8:40 am

Wednesday 4:20-4:50 pm 

Thursday 8:15-8:40 am 

By appointment most mornings and afternoons. 

Daily Schedule

  8:45-9:35       1st period         English III with Carleen Capaldo     

 9:40-10:30       2nd period        English II with Erin East

10:35-11:25       3rd period        Conference

11:30-12:20       4th period        English III with Carleen Capaldo        

 12:25-1:15       5th period        English II with Erin East

  1:20-2:10       6th period        Lunch

  2:15-3:20       7th period        Facilitated Support for English IV

  3:25-4:14       8th period        Co-Teach English III with Carleen Capaldo