Welcome to Kerr Middle School Title 1 2018-2019

Kerr Middle School Title I 2018-2019


• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families, Stephen R. Covey
• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Sean Covey
• The 7 Worst Things Parents Do, John C. Friel, Ph.D, Linda D. Friel, M.A.
• The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting, Laurence Steinberg, Ph.D.
• 10 Most Common Mistakes Good Parents Make and How to Avoid Them, Kevin Steede, Ph.D.
• 25 Stupid Mistakes Parents Make, Peter Jaksa, Ph.D.
• The Big-R, Gene Bedley
• Building Successful Partnerships, Dr. James P. Comer
• The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Parenting a Teenager, Kate Kelly
• The Don’t Sweat Guide for Moms, Editors of Don’t Sweat Press, Foreword by Kristine Carlson
• Fighting Invisible Tigers, Earl Hip
• Hear Our Cry - Boys in Crisis, Paul D. Slocumb, Ed.D.
• Kids Who Think Outside the Box, Stephanie Lerner
• Mrs. Cleanjeans’ Housekeeping with Kids, Tara Aronson
• National Standards for Parent/Family Programs, National PTA
• Parenting by Heart, Dr. Ron Taffel with Melinda Blau
• Parents are Lifesavers; A Handbook for Parent Involvement in Schools, Carol S. Batey
• Parents in a Pressure Cooker; A Guide to Responsible & Loving Parent/Child Relationships,
Jane Bluestein, Ph.D. & Lynn Collins, M.A.
• Raising Courageous Kids, Charles A. Smith
• Raising Happy Kids, Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
• Raising Healthy Eaters, Henry Leger, M.D.
• Simple Secrets of Parenting - Easy as ABC, John Q. Baucom, Ph.D.
• Supernanny, Jo Frost
• Teenage Connection, Carla Crutsinger
• True Parenting, Kathy Hayward


U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Web Site
The following sites are designed to assist local educational agencies, schools and parents in meeting the
requirements of parental involvement provisions required under Title I, Part A. Please refer to the law for
more specificity and citations.
Work with Parents and the Community – Parent Involvement
Work with Parents and the Community – The Partnership
NCLB Overview
NCLB Especially for Parents
Parents’ Guide to No Child Left Behind
No Child Left Behind: A Parents’ Guide (June 2003) summarizes the No Child Left Behind Act. It answers
common questions about the law, explains what the law does for parents, and tells where to find
additional resources. It is handy for teachers and community members as well as parents.
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U.S. Department of Education (USDE) Spanish-Language Web Site
Recursos en español (Education Resources for Spanish Speakers)
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TEA and Title I Statewide School Support/Parental Involvement Initiative Web Sties
Texas Education Agency Website
Texas Education Agency – Division of NCLB Program Coordination
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