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Counselor:  Susan Schultz

     My role at Taylor Leadership University is to support the academic, career and social/emotional needs of our students so that they are prepared for the 21 century.  In doing so, I may work with students on an individual basis in a small group or a classroom setting.  At times, we will engage in activities that explore the topics of character, friendship skills, behavior, bullying, career goals, safety and family issues.  I also consult with teachers and parents to enhance student performance.

Recipe for a School Counselor:

1 Large heart

2 Willing Hands

1 Soft Shoulder

2 Listening Ears

2 C Kindness

3 C Compassion

A dash of sound advice.

      Mix above ingredients to stir until all judgmental lumps are gone.  Bake in an oven of life's experiences until well done.


































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