Rojo Five-Mrs. Mundt

Rojo Five Update-September 4, 2015

Dearest Parents, 

This has been an awesome week of school. We were able to get some things accomplished and I learned a whole lot about your children this week.  

In Math we started big with algebraic equations.  They loved learning the order of operations  with  PEMDAS. They were pretty impressed with themselves. I love it when they get a big head about something because it means I am building that confidence that I want ingrained in them so badly.

In Social Studies this year we have a brand new program that the district has adopted. Each week the students get a newspaper for a period of history. This week it was all about the explorers. I laughed when they received the newspaper because they thought a cup of coffee should come along with it.  Along with the newspaper there is an online piece. They do a variety of activities that coincides with the newspaper and earn point while they are doing it. The points enable them to do things for Revere the Rat. They can design his cage and buy him a flat screen tv. 
​They are able to log on at home as well. ​
 The act
vities are great and include reading the articles so I love that we have both something for their hands and something for their technology brains. 

Please be aware that next week is a huge important week in 5th grade. Due to the fact that 5th graders study American History next week Social Studies and Language Arts cross.  Next week students will hear about the events that happened on September 11, 2001. We will honor it and do a huge writing piece to go with it. We are also going to talk about what it mean
 to be an American and some important American symbols such as the Liberty Bell, Valley Forge, Statue and Liberty and many more. Please be aware that I will be very sensitive to their age when discussing September 11.  I take it very seriously that I am the first person introducing to them to the "realness" of the events of American History. Trust that I too am a Mom and I know there is only so much "truth" a 10 and 11 year old can handle.  I will love them through it all I assure you.  

In Science we had a great week. We observed a great deal of different objects and learned all about the Scientific Method. We also were successful in Saving Fred (he is a gummy worm) from an awful death in one of our experiments.  Next week we will be kicking off our Student Spaceflight Experiments Program with the students.  This is the competition that enables students to design an experiment for the international space station. If chosen their design would be implemented and their experiment would be conducted in space. The winning team would also travel to Washington DC to present at a National Science conference. This make
Science real for the students and is 
​ and ​
incredible process and opportunity.  My group of students last year actually won and I was lucky enough to travel with them to Washington 
​this summer ​
and watch them present at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.  I
was by far the highlight of my career and I would love to have a winner again this year. The fact that my group won last year with very little knowledge under my belt about the program was huge.  This year I feel much more prepared and knowledgable so your kids are going to rock it!  We plan to have a big kick off next week and I
​ am​
 super excited. Here is a link the website if you would like to read more. We are  participating in Mission 9.

In Language Arts we discussed our 35 book goal and we dicussed that I want them to love reading for the sake of it all. I do not want them filling out paper after paper because they have read a book. I also want us to enjoy great literature together. We began the book Hatchet and will be reading that as we simultaneously work on our Language Arts lessons. 

Students met with the Leadership teams for the first time today and Mrs. Jean and I are working on buddies. I promise I am working as fast as I can to get everything organized and up and running!  There are a few things to remember:

1. Pictures are on the September 9th. I sent home picture envelopes for purchasing. Students wear their uniforms.
2. I sent home a note about Run for the Rings. You need to get your money turned in for 
​ ​
that. There are extra forms inthe office.
​3. Don't forget about Sky Ranch money. The deposit is due September 18. It is super important as this holds your spot for the week.  
4.  Finally, Curriculum Nite is September 10th! I really want you to come see me so I can tell you about everything 5th grade holds for you this year! 
​ There are two sessions.​
 Please join me. 

Ok I have rambled on long enough. I warned you that you would  be over informed. It is hard to contain my excitement when there are so many things happening in the 5th grade!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Take good care of my babies for me. I will miss them. 

With Warmth,
Mrs. Mundt