Welcome to my web site!

I'm Ms. Sali Frye, one of the Art teachers at HMS.
I teach two levels of Art classes (2 and 3), and I have a 6th grade PACK
My conference time is from 11:20 to 12:10.  
The easiest way to contact me is by email (sfrye@bisdmail.net).
You can also reach me by calling the HMS office (817-245-0600)
or by sending a note with your student.

Throughout the school year, you can view lots of great artwork in the hall outside the cafeteria.
This continually changing Art Show is courtesy of the incredibly talented HMS art students!


Listed below are the supplies needed for your child's art class for the 2016-17 school year.
If there are any problems or you have any questions, please contact me ASAP.  

HUGHES MIDDLE SCHOOL                 ART SUPPLY LIST             ART 2    and    ART 3

Dear Parent or Guardian,
        Listed below are the supplies that will be needed for your child’s art class.  Through a special arrangement with the Asel Art Company, the HMS Art Department is offering ART PACKS for $40.00 each.  Once purchased, the Art Pack will become the property of the student and will be kept in the art room until the end of the year.  At that time, the student will be able to take his/her art supplies home.  
        The Art Department makes the Art Pack available as a time and money saving convenience for you, the parent/guardian.  It also insures that all students will be working with the same materials.  However, if you choose to purchase these supplies at local retail stores, I suggest Asel Art or Hobby Lobby.

1  Crayola “Classic” Broad Marker Set of 8
1   24-Count Set of Crayola  Colored Pencils                                                            
1   Asel Mesh  12”x 16” Zippered Bag                    
1   Dozen  Ticonderoga  #2  pencils                                                          
1   12” x 18”  Tape-Bound Mead Academie Sketch Pad
    (NO SPIRALS…NO NEWSPRINT, PLEASE)                            
1   #4  Blending Stump
1   Tuff Stuff  Eraser Stick
1   Tuff Stuff  Eraser Refill                                                 
1   Double-hole Staedtler  Metal Pencil Sharpener with Attached Canister                                                                             
1   Prang  8-pan Watercolor Set
1   Design  Ebony Drawing Pencil                                        
2   Magic Rub  White Block Eraser
        (NO ART GUM OR KNEADED ERASERS, PLEASE.)                                                                                                                                                                                                               

HMS ART PACK (includes all supplies listed above)
(PLEASE NOTE: SOLD ONLY AS A “PACK”.... NO INDIVIDUAL ITEMS WILL BE SOLD.)                                                

                                        PRICE   $40.00
                                                                   (APPROXIMATELY $25.00 LESS THAN RETAIL PRICE)

       Please send cash or check made out to the HMS Art Department.  

                                TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th

***If there are any problems, either personal or financial, please send me a note or an email on or before the due date.  I’ll be glad to help.     
         Thank you,    Ms. Sali Frye   HMS Art Teacher   sfrye@bisdmail.net

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