Welcome from Mr. Hutchison

Activities in the music room.
Playing drums
Singing songs
Playing xylophones

Christmas Sing-a-long
Honor Choir 

Students at Mound are given the opportunity to learn music through singing and playing musical games, Orff instruments, recorders and listening to a variety of music.

At Mound Elementary, the students learn sing using the Kodaly method. As students become familiar with pitch and rhythm, they will be able to create their own music.

Students are taught the principles of instrumental playing through use of the recorder and Orff instruments.   When students sing a song and play their own accompaniment on instruments, they have a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.  

If you have any questions about the Mound Music program, please call Mr. Hutchison at 817-245-3100.

Thank you for allowing us to give your child the gift of music.