Welcome to 8th grade American History at Kerr Middle School!

We have a lot to cover this year and we will learn several new concepts about our country and our government.  Students will learn about exploration of the New World, colonization, Native Americans, the American Revolution, nation building, the Constitution, immigration, the Industrial Revolution, Westward Expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction and everything in between!

This year, students will strengthen their reading, writing, thinking and defending skills.  What this means in social studies is that students will be coached in how to analyze sources such as quotes, documents, diaries, letters, speeches, info graphs, pictures, political cartoons, maps, songs, poems and newspaper articles.  Students will understand a deeper meaning to the concepts, events and ideals that existed in the forging of our country through authentic literacy.  They will be expected to write several times a week, If they are not strong writers, they will be by the end of the year.  It is important that students sharpen their thinking and reasoning skills at an early age to better prepare them not only for the state assessment but also for life after school whether they are going into college, a trade, a career, the military or even the grocery store.  We are preparing students for a life of success as a United States citizen in an increasingly diverse and global society.
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