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Being bilingual is an amazing opportunity! Together we will build our knowledge of the English language while celebrating our native languages and cultures. We do not want to replace our native languages or cultures with English. We want to build both because they are both valuable. 

Through a variety of activities that involve reading, writing, listening, and speaking, we will:
-Expand our vocabularies
-Broaden our use of the language
-Improve our grammar
-Understand literary elements and other important aspects of literature
-Engage in critical thinking

I am excited to teach you this year! We are going to learn a lot and have a great time!

 Please read for 20 minutes every nightRead in English, AND in your other language.

Example 1: Switch "day by day"- Read one night in English for 20 minutes. The next night, read in your first language for 20 minutes. The next night, read in English for 20 minutes... Etc.
Example 2: Switch "book by book"- Read a book in English for 20 minutes each night. After you've finished that book, read a book in your first language for 20 minutes each night. After you've finished that book, read a book in English for 20 minutes each night... Etc.

**This is not a sales pitch. I make no profit from these recommendations. My purpose in mentioning them is that I continuously purchase books in English and Spanish at these places, and I want my students and their parents to know that there are places where they can find free/inexpensive books in English AND Spanish/other languages. My goal is for my students to read more, and build their vocabulary & fluency in all the languages they speak.

1. The Kerr School Library has a great selection of books that you can borrow for free! I am not sure if there are books in the library that are written in languages other than English, but you might ask the librarian what options she has for books in other languages.

2. The Burleson Library & Fort Worth Library each have great selections of books--including books in other languages. It is free to obtain a library card and to borrow books from the library! ...They have whole sections of books in Spanish!!! They can ALSO borrow books in other languages from nearby libraries!

3. Amazon.com / Kindle have a LARGE selection of free/inexpensive books--including many books in Spanish and other languages! The "Kindle App" is free, and a lot of the books (in English and other languages) are also free/inexpensive.