Email: lauren.everett@bisdmail.net
Phone: 817-245-3500
About ME:
I am a 1st grade teacher at Stribling Elementary but used to teach  2nd grade, 3rd grade, and reading specialist! I enjoy Hanging out with my Friends and Family, Being out on the LAKE, playing Volleyball or any other sport, just being active, going to concerts, sleeping, Starbucks, watching movies (especially when it rains), Working Out, Fitness and Nutrition, Watching Baseball (GO Rangers), Hunting, four wheelers,, lazy days, Shopping, dying my hair (all the girly stuff), scrapbooking, and just anything fun... I can have a good time doing just about anything :)

Birthday: March 28th

Some of my favorites:
color: Pink and aqua (anything animal print too lol)
food: Sushi, Mexican, Chick-Fil-A, FasTaco, Schlotskys
Drink: Starbucks and Sonic
Stores: ULTA :)  Dillards, Academy, TjMaxx
Hobbies: Health and Fitness
Flower: Tiger Lilly
Snack: Blue Diamond Almonds and protein bars
Collect: School Supplies ;) Could never have too many lol
Team: Texas Rangers