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Happy Love & Friendship Day
(Happy Valentine's Day)

(Wishing you a day full of love, smiles,
& joy. I love you!)
Enjoy your love & friendship.

I am here for you forever.
I love you. Happy love & friendship day.

I love you.  I love you more than anyone...
A souvenir from your friend that loves you.
To count on your friendship brings joy to my heart.

To sum it up: You make the world a better place.

You are the best friend in the world!

Thank God someone invented friends!

dia de amor examples

dia de amor examples 2

Let's PLAY

(My games are under my account name: ProfesoraFELIZ)







Aprender LEER in SPANISH



Dear Students & Parents,

Bienvenidos/Welcome to our Spanish website for the Academy at Nola Dunn where EVERY student K-5 learns Spanish!  I hope this website will be a resource to help you learn and keep up with what we are doing in class.  Use the link below to sign up for REMIND to receive reminders on your phone as well. I'm looking forward to a FELIZ year and speaking lots of Spanish with you! 

¡Welcome/Bienvenidos a nuestro sitio web de español de La Academia de Nola Dunn donde todos los alumnos desde kinder a quinto grado aprenden español!  Espero que esta página les sirva como una ayuda de aprender más español y saber lo que estamos haciendo en la clase.  Use el link abajo para recibir textos en su teléfono también. ¡Estoy esperando un año HAPPY en el cual hablamos mucho español!

Gracias, Profesora Cárdenas



1. cuerpo - Control YOUR body.    


2. voz   - Control YOUR voice.              


3. tiempo - Use class time wisely.    



4. amigos - Respect others and show compassion.   



5. cosas - Take care of classroom & supplies.    




TEACHER:  Hola clase. 

                             Hello class  

STUDENTS: Hola Profesora.

                            Hello Teacher 


TEACHER:  ¡Oye clase! 

                        Hey class.

STUDENTS: ¿Qué pasó Profesora?

                        What's up teacher?

#3 TEACHER:  Academia


STUDENTS: Para, Mira, Escucha

                        Stop, Look, Listen


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for more info on
True colors personality test & info

Sé feliz.Sé agradecido.¡Vive el momento!

                                                                                    Be Happy. Be Grateful. Be Present!                                                                                          

:})VIVE el Momento+:


Landfill Harmonic

Use WORD REFERENCE dictionary on GREAT LINKS to translate these quotes of the week & fun phrases into English.  Choose any that interests you.


donde hay amor.mp4


The great thing about learning is that no one can take it away. - BB KING


The only way to have a friend is to be one.-Emerson
Everything is fun, when it happens to the other person.
-Will Rogers
The quieter you are, the more you listen. - Ram Dass
Make every day a materpiece. - John Wooden

If you can't open your mind (MENTE) close your mouth (BOCA).


Great people extend a hand, close their mouth, & open their heart.

Everyone is born with wings, it's our job to learn to use them.

Open your mind & the word will be inspired!

If you want to see, open your eyes (OJOS).
If you want to have, open your hands (MANOS).
If you want to know, open your mind (MENTE).
Thank you with all my heart. (GRACIAS, HEART)
Everything begins in your mind (MENTE), therefore, if you want good things, good things will come to you.  THINK POSITIVELY!




Eclipse de Sol y de luna

YouTube Video

El sol amneciendo en el mar

el sol en la playa

Paraiso en el mar

Musica de PERU


Sonido del oceano

musica relajante piano en la playa

musica relajante en la playa de guitarra




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