Welcome to Kerr Middle School DRAMA!!!!
where the DRAMA plays out on the stage

The Kerr Drama Select cast won 1st place at the Regional One Act Play contest on April 8 at Joshua High School!!!!! 

DuBose Tutoring times: Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45am to 8:15am
Go Cougars! please see the link directly below to schedule a tutoring time with Mrs. DuBose

For students to schedule a tutoring/performance time with Mrs. DuBose or parents to schedule a conference time with Mrs. DuBose please click on the following link: http://goo.gl/imW0YM (copy and paste this into your search engine)
Please give Mrs. DuBose a 24 hour period to prepare for any tutoring or meeting. Thank you! 

MATERIALS NEEDED BY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Theatre 1 needs a section in their AVID binder with notebook paper and a pencil. Theatre 2 needs a needs a section in their AVID binder with notebook paper and a pencil.  STEAM students need a folder to leave in class. 

Mrs. DuBose's Schedule:
1st pd: Theatre 1 (8:30-9:20)
2nd pd: Theatre 2 (9:25-10:20)
3rd pd: Theatre 1 (10:25-11:15)
4th pd: Theatre 1 (11:20-12:05)
Lunch C: 12:10-12:40
 Pride D: Drama Club (12:45-1:15)
5th pd: Conference (1:20-2:10) 
see the above link to schedule a meeting during the conference time with Mrs. DuBose
6th pd: Drama Select (2:15-3:05)
7th pd: Theatre 1 (3:10-4:00)

PARENTS: Make sure to check the Theatre class link, your child is in, on my website, weekly, to see what your child is working on in class.