All About Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten at Stribling Elementary


Kindergarten is a wonderful milestone in your child’s life, and I want to help make this experience a special time for you and your child.  I truly believe that children are more successful when a partnership is created between teacher and family.  Communication is key.  I hope this handbook will help answer questions you may have about our year, alleviate your concerns and provide you a reference for this coming year.


        Backpack  (no wheels, please)

        Daily Take Home Folder

        Water Bottle (sport top—this helps with spills)

        Lunchbox, money (in labeled envelope or zip lock bag), or have money available in lunch account

        Snack for Center time—if you choose


The school doors open at 7:15 AM.  Due to safety concerns, please do not leave your child unattended before this time.  Kindergartners can enter the building using the side doors between the gym and cafeteria or at the front of the school.  They will then make their way to the music room.  They will be supervised in the music room until they are dismissed to their classes at 7:35 AM.  Please have your child at school no later than 7:45 AM, since students are counted tardy after 7:45 AM. 


Breakfast is served in the cafeteria every morning from 7:15-7:45 AM.    If you choose for your child to eat breakfast at school, you can put money on your child’s cafeteria account or send the money with your child to pay for the meal.   The cost for breakfast is $1.40.  Only students eating breakfast will enter the cafeteria in the morning.


Kindergarten lunch time is 10:55-11:25AM.   Lunch is $2.55 per meal.  Putting money on your child’s lunch account is the easiest way to provide them with a worry free lunch time.  You may send the amount you want to put on the meal account in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag with your child’s name and instructions on the outside  or pay on line at

If you decide to eat lunch with your child, wait on the bench in the front hall for us.  In our cafeteria, there are designated tables for guests.  You and your child will eat at the designated guest table. 


Because we eat lunch early in the day, we allow the children to bring their own healthy snack to eat in the afternoon.  (Examples:  cheese crackers, fruit, pretzels, etc) This is not a requirement.  Please no “sugary” snacks.  This is an optional activity.


Even if your child is very competent in regards to toileting skills, accidents unfortunately occur.  Some children get soiled in other ways: water, mud, etc…..  Our school nurse does have some clothing on hand that can suffice, but smaller sizes are often limited!  Please, consider sending a complete set of clothing (even socks) in a zip-lock bag that can be kept in your child’s locker.   


We will be using the plastic folders from our supply list as our Take Home Folders.  Your child’s work, school notes, etc will be some of the things you find in the folder.  Please remove these things daily.

        We will use the calendar inside of the take home folder to communicate behavior.  Please initial these daily.  Please make sure notes to me or other returned school information is put in the folder and not loose in your child’s backpack.  The take home folder is vital to keeping each of us informed regarding your child.  Please review and return each of these items daily.    


When you send money to school, please send it in an envelope or Ziploc labeled with your child’s name and the purpose of the money.  Young children will often lose money that has been put in their hand, or they could spend it differently than you intended!


Every Monday your child will receive their homework for the week.  Your child has until Friday to complete all tasks on the sheet.  These homework sheets are due back every Friday with a parent signature.


You are welcome to send cookies.  PLEASE NO CUPCAKES.  All treats will be eaten during our snack time at the end of the day.  You may just drop them off in the office and I will take it from there.  And, if you send invitations to classmates for a birthday party outside of the school day, please send invitations for every child in the room.  This will avoid hurt feelings.  Put the invitations in a ziplock baggie that is in your child’s daily folder.  I’ll put the invitations into each child’s folder or mailbox. 


We want your child at school every day.  However, please keep them home if fever, vomiting or diarrhea has occurred within 24 hours of the school day.  Also, if your child has had a communicable disease such as strep throat, poison ivy, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or flu, please keep them home until medication is effective or you have acquired a doctor’s release.   And, don’t forget to call the office if your child will be absent:  817.245.3500


If your child needs any medication during school hours, it must be taken to the nurse’s office!  Call our nurse for instructions:  817.245.3500


Kindergarten is different from other grade levels in regards to reporting periods.  Report cards are available every 9 weeks.  A copy of the report card will be sent home with your child that you will be able to keep. 



I will have time daily to discuss concerns or answer questions regarding your child or school issues.  You may contact me via email:  or call the school office at 817.245.3500 to leave me a message.  The quickest way to contact me is email because I may not receive your message about a phone call until my conference period; which is 11:55-12:45


Children go home many different ways.  We have bus, daycare, ASP, and parent pick-up (drive through line or walk up).  An adult will take your child to their pick up spot.  If your child is picked up by an adult there are two options: 

·        Drive through:  Follow the traffic around the parking lot.   An adult will come to your car, get your child’s name, bring your child to your car, put your child in the car, and shut the door.

·        Walk-up:  Parent walk up parking is the gravel to the right on the hill.  You will then need to line up at the outside door by the cafeteria (the same door your child enters the building each morning).  An adult will take your child’s name, radio the name into the building and your child will be dismissed to you.  During dismissal parents will not be allowed inside the building. 


A teacher cannot honor a child’s verbal statement that changes their pick-up routine.  Parents will need to contact the office or teacher about dismissal changes. 



Please visit my webpage at:

I hope that I have not overwhelmed you with these procedures.  Please know that your child’s safety and education are my primary concerns.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to watch your child learn and grow.  We have a fun and busy year of learning ahead of us.  Do not hesitate to contact me about questions or concerns.  I want our relationship to be joyful and productive.

Mrs. Dunn