GUIDANCE PROGRAM:  The guidance program is based upon counselor-led classroom lessons which occur every six weeks for each grade level.  Topics covered include self-esteem, alcohol/drug prevention, conflict resolution, bullying, test anxiety, friendship and study skills, and the transition to middle school among others.
INDIVIDUAL/GROUP COUNSELING:  Parents and teachers may refer students for individual/group counseling. Students may also refer themselves.  I have a mailbox that is accessible to all students in which they may drop notes of concern for me to address.  I do require a signed parental permission slip for any student that I may need to see on an on-going basis.  I also provide "Lunch Bunch" which is a focus group for students and their peers weekly.  This also requires a referral and signed parental permission.  Students may discuss academic concerns, peer/familial relationships or any issue of concern during either an individual/group counseling session.