Second grade
Each night the students should  read for twenty minutes to improve their reading skills.  
Spelling words are added to their agendas on Friday. 
 Please work with your student to help them learn their basic addition facts for numbers 1-10.
Knowing these addition facts will help the students later when multiplication and division are introduced. 

Spelling words 

No test on Thursday 4-14-17

Words for  Friday 4-21-17 test
closed syllables list: basket, napkin, picnic, pumpkin, monster, pencil, ribbon, dentist, insect, rabbit, magnet, muffin, mitten, bottom, children

Words for Friday 4-28-17
  Prefixes list: redo, replay, rewind, retest, reset, review, refill, retell, undo, unhappy, unwrap, untie, unsafe, unlucky, unfair

Words for 5-5-17
Suffixes list: slowly, fairly, happily, loudly, quickly, softly, sadly, easily, painful, useful, careful, handful, farmer, baker, painter 

Words  for 5-12-17
Contractions list: won't, hasn't, can't, don't, isn't, wasn't, aren't, he's, she's, we've, you've, I've, it'll, you'll, I'm

Words for 5-19-17
Inflectional endings list: linked, helped, hopped, talked, locked, jumped, yelled, moved, called, spilled, landed, opened, needed, wanted, waited

Words for 5-26-17
Inflectional endings list: jumping, walking, talking, getting, napping, singing, chopping, packing, winning, spilling, resting, hugging, sleeping, playing, running