I am the Reading and Math Interventionist at Taylor Elementary...I am here to help every student at Taylor achieve success! I am a partner to your student's classroom teacher. I am an extension of your child's classroom...

I am looking forward to another year of working with multiple grade levels. It is my job to work with your student to help them reach their individual and class goals. I work in close contact with the classroom teachers and we strive to create the most positive and productive environment for your student. I will do what is best for each student in each individual circumstance and look forward to a close relationship with all parents. We will be in communication with one another and you will be fully aware of your student's goals and performance. I have high standards and I know that each Taylor Texan can and will meet those standards in order to be the best student they can be thus becoming an adult that is ready to take on the world and the work place!

I love every part of school from the hallways to the giggly kiddos to the books lining the walls to the discussions to the brain development and social development that I get to experience daily!

Thanks for entrusting your precious kiddo to me!

Feel free to contact me if you ever need anything!

Brandy Haynes

Jack C. Taylor Elementary

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