Kerr Cougars Physical Education
Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. I am the Physical Education Coordinator for Kerr Middle School. I am looking forward to a great year. We have geared our P.E. Program towards life long learning and healthy living. With the all students having Chromebooks we will now be able to start utilizing more technology into our program. This will allow the program to start tracking nutrition and exercise outputs. They will be able to see their progression throughout the year. I am very excited for this new technology and feel that it will greatly improve our program. 

Please read through the rules and regulations for there have been some changes made. Also please make sure to fill out the back page and turn into Coach Mandel. 

As a program we also require the Physical Education UNIFORM to be purchased from the school. The uniform is 20 dollars a set and must be worn by the students everyday in P.E. Classes. 

Looking forward to this year and having a great time!

My office phone number is  817-245-0856. Ask to be transferred to Coach Mandel. I can also be reached by email 
( amandel@bisdmail.net )
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