Ms. Cook's Website
Burleson High

My Mission is to inspire, nurture and guide students 

to attain  success in Mathematics.

Required Supplies: 
 1.  3-ring 1" minimum binder- Math only

2.  Mechanical Pencils with extra lead 

3.  Red ballpoint pen 

4. Highlighters

You may print FREE graph paper from

         PAP Algebra II & Algebra II
                2016- 207 school year

Online Textbook:   

STEP 1:Log into

STEP 2:  Click "Redeem Master Code"

STEP 3: Enter code for your subject

STEP 4:On you home screen, choose the "student edition"

STEP 5: Click "redemption code" print cue

This year's course of study promises to engage students with investigative units that will empower every student to be a competent mathematical thinker.    

Course Outline:

Unit 1:  Equations and Functions

Unit 2:  Systems of Equations

Unit 3:  Quadratics and Cubic Functions

Unit 4:  Polynomial Functions

Unit 5:  Inverse and Radical Functions

Unit 6:  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Unit 7:  Rational Functions