Welcome to ELA 8

I am Mrs. DuClos.
Yolanda Renee Teresa Medina DuClos
Email me at:  yduclos@bisdmail.net 
    So great to be back in school.  Does that sound a little nerdy?  I guess so, but I need something to do during the summer and I am always excited when school starts again because it means I have something to do that will be working with kids.
  A little bit about myself- I collect penguins and pastry recipes.  My birthday is September 23, 1959. I will be 58 this year. That would explain all my gray hair!  I really believe that my age is just a number because most of the time, I act like a kid.
   I love working with middle school kids. This year I will be starting my 30th year of teaching.  Whew!   That's a lot of kids throughout the year.  We figured I will have taught over 5,000 students by the end of this year!
When I tell people that I teach middle school for a living they always say, "God Bless You!"  Hmmmm?  I wonder why? 
   I enjoy watching Longmire, Castle, Law and Order and old black and white movies.  John Wayne's movie El Dorado is one of my favorites! One summer I visited John Wayne's birthplace and the year before that I visited the home of Stephen King!  Pretty Cool Stuff!
  I love Diet Coca Cola with lime, sea salted caramel corn and chocolate, but not at the same time. I am trying to eat a little better so Diet Coca Cola is better than no Coca Cola!

Clue 1 : I eat...
Stephen F. Austin State University B.F.A.
Brewer High School Graduate
White Settlement ISD
2001 Brewer Middle School Teacher of the Year WSISD
2001 WSISD Teacher of the Year
Burleson ISD
2015 September Teacher of the Month
2014 September Teacher of the Month
2014 Golden Bell Recipient
2014 Heroes Circle Recipient
2013 Heroes Circle Recipient
2012 November Teacher of the Month
2009 Golden Bell Recipient
2008-2009 Language Arts Department Chair
2009 November Teacher of the Month
2008 October Leader of the Pack
2006 December Teacher of the Month