Dearest Parents,

I hope you a have a wonderful weekend planned. You are getting another Saturday morning email while I sip coffee with Pumpkin Spice this morning... My Huskers play this evening so I need to prepare and go shop for salsa ingredients! 

We have another fabulous week in 5th grade and started to step to new challenges. I love these kiddos and the great enthusiasm I see in their sparkling eyes. Their smiling faces just truly warms my heart...💚 This week we had a few fun science activities as we dove into the scientific method and "Saved Fred" (a gummy worm) and ended our week with trying to discover what something is without seeing it in "Black Box" exploration. The students had to come up with characteristics of items by how it sounds and moves in a box. Talk about a challenge! I love how inquisitive we are and I see we are coming out of our shell...

These sweet friend dove into their first novel with me called "The Westing Game". I loved when Jack was so into the book and said "This is the best book ever!" I love reading to kids so I'm reading while the are illustrating each chapter, build their character log and create a vocab list based on new words they learn. This mystery is very similar to clue. If your student misses any days of school, I found that each chapter of this book is available on youtube. Also, some other great activities are using Mobymax to practice math facts and lang. lessons plus Newsela for great nonfiction articles. They do have log ins for each of these...😁

Yesterday we got to have our first 5th grade meeting! I love it when we all get together...There is a homework assignment over the weekend for you child to write an essay about the leadership team they wish to be a part of. This is very much in a persuasive type format of why they would be good at this job. For your convenience, I have attached the letter that went home yesterday. It is due Tuesday and those who turn them in on time are more likely to get their first choice. Leadership is a great part of 5th grade.

Last , curriculum night is September 8th, 5:30-6:00 and 6:05-6:35. There are two times to choose from. I hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful blessed weekend!
Mrs. Berry💚

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