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Dr. Todd Reimer – AP Statistics                                                 2016 – 2017

Centennial High School – Burleson ISD                                            

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Dear Students and Parents/Guardians: 

I am very excited about the upcoming year here at Centennial as your AP Statistics teacher!  While the material may prove challenging, I know that it will be a fun and educational year.  Below is a guide that can help you to become successful this year.

Course Goals

1.  Teach the value of mathematics giving students the confidence to use these concepts for decisions in daily life.

2.  Develop the critical thinking and communication skills that enable students to apply these concepts to real-life activities.

3.  Enable students to master necessary concepts in AP Statistics to prepare for future study and careers and to be ready for the AP Statistics Exam.

Primary Textbook

Starnes, Tabor, Yates, and Moore. The Practice of Statistics. 5th ed. New York: W. H. Freeman and Company, 2014

Course Outline: The following topics will be covered:

Semester 1:

Exploration of Data

Modeling Distributions of Data

Describing Relationships

Designing Studies


Random Variables

Sampling Distributions

 Semester 2:

Estimating with Confidence

Testing a Claim

Comparing Two Populations or Groups

Inference for Distributions of Categorical Data

More about Regression

AP Exam


Students will receive two school days per day absent from class to complete their make-up work.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to make up any missed work. Students should make every possible effort to be in class to receive guided learning instruction and peer interaction.

Classroom Policies

1.     There is to be absolutely NO food or drink in class with the exception of water.

2.     Cell phones are NOT allowed for use in class.  Students will be allowed to use cell phones on occasion at my discretion, however if it is being used during the lesson, it will be taken up and subject to be picked up in the main office at a cost of $15.  

Grading Policy

60%         Summative Assessments (Unit Tests, Projects, Inquiry-Based Project)

40%         Formative Assessments (Quizzes)

(15% of your semester average will come from your final exam.)       


Homework will be assigned on a daily basis. As time permits, students may begin working on an assignment in class, with the expectation that it is due the following day.  Homework is given so that students have an opportunity to practice skills and apply techniques learned in class and to prepare for exams.  The late policy on homework has changed this year and students will now have two days after the due date to submit the assignment.  After:

1 day – 10 points off the grade you receive. 

2 days – 30 points off the grade you receive. 

No assignment will be accepted after the second day and a grade of zero will be given.


Students who do not pass a summative assessment will have the opportunity to take a re-test.  There is a 3-day period in which the students may earn a maximum grade of a 70%.  

Math Tutorials

The Centennial Math Department provides tutorials before school (8:00 - 8:30 AM), during 4th, 5th and 6th period lunches, and after school (4:20 - 4:50 PM).  Students need to check the posted schedule and have the opportunity to receive help from any available teacher.  My tutorial times will be posted in my room and in the math workstation. 


Each student will need the following supplies daily:

·       Pencils

·       Spiral Notebook OR Binder

The following supplies are requested and greatly appreciated but not required:

·       TI-83 plus or TI-Nspire, or higher graphing calculator for home use (I have a set for class use) – not required but highly recommended.  If you are to purchase one, please be aware if it allowed for use during SAT, ACT, etc.  For any questions, please contact me.  Also, there are many good graphing calculator apps available for smart phones. 

·       1 box of tissues

Any questions, comments or concerns, always feel free to contact me.  With hard work comes great rewards and I look forward to an exciting and successful year!

Educationally yours,

Dr. Todd Reimer                                                                                                         

Tutorial Schedule

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The attachment contains the tutoring schedule for the math department for the fall of 2016.

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