We, Academy artists, are here to have fun while nurturing our minds by learning about art and art history.

 Horizontal Schedule
8:45-9:40 5th Grade                                         Verde/Tuesday
9:50-10:45 3rd Grade                                       Amarillo/Wednesday
10:45-11:40 4th Grade                                      Azul/Thursday
11:30-12:00 Lunch                                           Morado/Friday
12:10-1:05 1st
1:05-2:00 Kinder
2:00-2:55 2nd Grade

Vertical Schedule

8:45-9:50 Amarillo
9:50-10:55 Rojo
10:55-12:00 Azul
12:05-12:35 lunch
12:40-1:45 Verde
1:45-2:50 Morado

              Research has shown that students who participate in the arts perform better in other fields of study. This whole brain development helps students with critical thinking and problem solving skills. During the year, we will be studying the elements and principles of design as they apply to each project. In addition, your child will further develop their understanding of art concepts, vocabulary, and art history. I want the art studio to be a safe place where your child feels loved and valued as an artist. Enriching their life through art and building a strong self-esteem is my true vision. I love my ACADEMY ARTISTS very much!!


              Your child will be coming to the studio once a week on our horizontal and vertical schedule.



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