Study Skills

What is Study Skills?
Study Skills at EHHS is a course for students with an IEP.  The course is designed to provide the specially designed instruction for the Individualized Education Program the student's IEP team designed.  This team consisted of at least  the student's parents, general ed. teacher, counselor, special ed. teacher and student.

The course addresses IEP goal areas such as reading, writing, math, organization, social/emotional behaviors, and transition needs for which the student may have qualified for.  We also ensure students get their accommodations and any modifications of work on their IEP. 

By law, we are required to remediate deficit learning areas. In high school, students get on average 8-10 hours of homework a week.  Study Skills meets for a little over four hours a week.  

During that time we address general study strategies, help students organize their materials, prioritize their assignment lists, goal setting, transition skills (career exploration, self-advocacy, etc.), remediation in their deficit areas to bring them up to grade level for reading, math, and writing, work on social/emotional skills if needed, and collect data on their progress.  As much as we can, we use the assignments from other classes to accomplish the above tasks.  However, this is not always possible.  For instance, if a student needs remediation in the essay writing process but their English class is currently working on reading a novel, we need to design lessons in Study Skills to remediate the essay writing.  

You can expect approximately 2 hours a week will be spent with students using assignments from other classes to address their IEP needs.  That may involve reteaching a skill, helping them organize the assignment, helping them use a specific study skill or study strategy with the assignment, or having them practice time management using those assignments.  All other homework needs to be done at home or at EHHS' Homework Club.

All of the above is a process.  This means we can see a lot of growth in students and it might not be reflected with grades in one of their courses.  It takes time to learn a skill, internalize it, generalize it, and use it effectively across settings.  Look for and acknowledge with your student the growth you are seeing over time to encourage them to continue growing. 

EHHS Study Skills

Study Skills


Denise Corso • 206 780-1391

Course description

This course is designed to remediate IEP Goal Areas, teach study skills strategies, and facilitate transition skills.

Course objectives

We will work to support the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts and Math and address individual IEP goals.

Respect Yourself
Respect Others
Respect the Learning

Grading Scale

90-100 A

80-89 B

70-79 C

56-69 D

55 missing  F

At the end of the grading

period, 55's will

be replaced with a 0.

Absence Policy:

If you are absent, you have two days to make up anything you missed in class.  Some assignments cannot be made up.  They will either be excused if it was an experience assignment.  They will not be excused if it was a participation grade, eg. warm ups, etc.

Late Policy:

Students may turn in missing work until one week before the end of the quarter.  I will close the gradebook at that time, then one week after the quarter will reopen it.  Students who have not turned in work by the end of the semester will earn the final grade they have.

You will find handouts, videos and other resources on the Study Skills web page to assist you with skills that you are working on.  

Electronics in the classroom:

Non-educational use of technology without permission is prohibited in the classroom.  Cell phones should remain in our class tech spa  in silent mode during the class period. They will be given a 5 minute break during class to check messages.    Texting, social networking, gaming, and other non-educational uses of technology will not be tolerated during class time.  Chromebooks should be used during the class period for educational work only.   Misuse will result in losing the item until the end of the day.