ECBC stands for Entomology Club and Bird Club.


ECBC started off as a lunchtime entomology club in 2014 as children's interest in insects continued after a 2013 school-wide inquiry unit on minibeasts.  A major club focus in 2014 was to get started with the NZ Monarch Butterfly Tagging Project.

From mid 2014, I spent 6 months at the Institute of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Massey University through the Science Teacher Fellowship programme administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand, during which I helped Dr. Weihong Ji with her tui research. I shared my learning about birds and tui on my return to school, and the lunchtime club was renamed ECBC to reflect the broadened interests.

The purpose of ECBC is to engage in authentic science.  We participate in citizen science projects such as tagging the Monarch butterflies.  Apart from butterflies, our club activities include bird watching, bid counts, bird
song recording and nest spotting.  We are also working in partnership with Dr. Weihong at Massey University to study tui songs.

If you want to support us or join us by starting something similar at your school, please email Alice via aho@birkenheadprimary.school.nz