Our mission is to create a learning community of students ready to contribute to a global society. The Birchwood Blue Hills Charter School uses project based learning as our curricular model to serve students in grades 7 through 12. Project based means that each student’s passion, interest and career aspiration drives their individualized learning by allowing them to create their own projects to meet state and national educational standards. BBHCS provides an innovative educational environment for a large spectrum of learners; from the gifted and talented student that needs to be challenged for deeper learning, to the learner who has a passion for discovering knowledge rather than having it poured into them. For many students, having more control of and responsibility for their own learning helps create a level of social responsibility and increased focus on the act of learning. This unique structure, technology, and low student-to-teacher ratio allows BBHCS to provide the custom education that fits each student’s needs.

We ask our students to create a personal learning plan website to guide their education and to lead them to achieve their goals. This school learning plan website provides our school with a way to demonstrate and analyze the innovative learning that occurs at the BBHCS - past, present, and as we plan for improvement in our future.