Employment Outlook

Labor Markets

Birchwood School District students reside in 4 Counties: Washburn, Sawyer, Rusk and Barron. As the most recent recession ended in 2009, strong economic growth is still anticipated. Most counties are showing a recovery economic growth rate at 3%.

Listed below are the top five occupations with the most the most expected growth between 2012 and 2022.

     Washburn County Sawyer County Rusk County Barron County
 1 Computer and MathematicsComputer and Mathematics  Computer and MathematicsPersonal Care 
 2Healthcare Practitioners Healthcare Practitioners Healthcare Practitioners Health Care 
 3Construction Personal Care Building and Grounds Computer and Math 
 4Personal Care Construction  ConstructionConstruction 
 5 Legal Legal Personal Care Building and Grounds

Birchwood Graduates

Birchwood High School Graduates leave high school to travel along a variety of pathways. During the past few years, 70% of students attended a 2 year community college or technical college while 30% of graduates pursued a 4-year college degree. Most students, 65% would start college during the first fall enrollment period while some students would start during the spring semester or the following fall.

Top 100 Careers in 2017