ACP Advisory

Get Involved:
If you would like to get involved in the Academic and Career Planning process by volunteering, speaking, etc. please contact any of the following team members below.

Academic and Career Planning team
The Academic and Career Planning team at Birchwood school serves as an advisory committee to establish scope and sequence and to guide the implementation of the Academic and Career Planning process.  All teachers/staff members will be knowledgeable about the Academic and Career planning process and will take an active role in helping students become knowledgeable about the process needed to be college and career ready.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact any of the ACP team members:

Miranda Howard- K-12 School Counselor
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David Lorentz- Middle School Science
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Jackie Beise- K-12 Physical and Health Education
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Sara Waldron- Business Education and Technology
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Jeff Stanley- K-12 Building Principal
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