Latest School Notices

Kia ora and welcome! Hopefully you can find what you are looking for here. If not, relevant School Notices can also be collected from the office or your child's classroom.

For any general queries regarding notices please email Anne - or Simon -

We work really hard at Birchville School to ensure the communication between home and school is as easy and transparent as possible. In saying this, we also understand that different families have different situations and circumstance that can sometimes make it tricky to recieve newsletters or find out what is going on.
The places our Notices can be found are as follows:
  1. Our Facebook Noticeboard
  2. Our Website
  3. The Noticeboard outside the school office
  4. The Office - Just talk to Anne McPhie
  5. Your childs classroom will have spare copies of the Newsletter / Notice
  6. Your child - Please ask them daily if they have anything important in their bag.
If you require a specific, individualised plan for receiving notices please contact Anne in the office and discuss your plan with us. We will be happy to help if we can. 
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