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Collaborative Practice and Agency

At Birchville School we are committed to working in a collaborative way that promotes best practice for all and fosters student and teacher agency across all levels.
Our learning spaces provide flexibilty and opportunity for genuine collaboration between all learners. Our current teaching teams can be found here:

Agency at Birchville is about learners knowing what and how they learn and making informed choices about their learning. 
There is a lot of pedagogy (learning theroy) that sits underneath our definition of agency but we wanted it to be something the learners could articulate themselves. So at our school the definition of agency is:
To understand what "Using Our GEMS" means you can view our GEMS evaluation tools here. Our GEMS are the key framework that underpin our appraoch to education and they are linked to the Key competencies, Cultural Competencies, Te Whariki and learning dispositions.

The GEMS are the tools and framework we use to ensure we provide the vision of the NZ Curriculum.