Court Supervisor

During the hours posted below, a Court Supervisor is available to help Biola Students, faculty, staff get on a court.  During hours when a court supervisor is available, six courts can be light for recreational play.  They also can lend rackets and provide tennis balls to students.

Advanced Reservations are available for those who have required Matches and must be submitted by 9:00pm the night before. 


When school is in session.....
Court Supervisor Hours: 
Monday 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Tuesday   6:30 to 9:30  pm 
Wednesday 6:30 to 9:30 pm 
Thursday 6:30 to 9:30  pm

Biola Recreational Tennis
During recreational hours, those with Biola ID have priority for tennis on these courts.

Sign in Required for all players: 

Upon arrival write your Name and Affiliation with Biola—Student, Faculty, staff, alumni –Be prepared to show your Biola ID.

 If you are not affiliated with Biola and no one is using the court—post your name, time you enter the court and # of the court

            Be aware that those with affiliated with Biola are entitle to the court upon request . Biola Affiliated will HAVE their ID.

            Check for reservations . . .are posted on the Tennis Facility web site see Calendar.



If someone with Biola affiliation is ready to play and all courts are in use—determine if:

1)   A court is in use by some one who is NOT signed in

2)   A court is in use by some one who is not affiliated with Biola University

3)   All court are being used by Biolan's and groups playing time has exceeded an hour

Then proceed to the appropriate court and POLITELY ask to see their Biola Identification card:

1)   IF they are not signed in, be gracious and show YOUR card as you request the court and remind them of the policy

2)   If they have no identification card, then you are entitled to the court. REMEMBER to be POLITE!

3)   If you, whether Biolan or visitor are not treated respectfully, please report the incident

To ext 5947 or   be sure to leave your contact information