Welcome to IDEA @ Biola

IDEA (Individual Development Educational Assessment) is the course evaluation instrument used at Biola since spring 2009. 

Developed by the IDEA Center at Kansas State University, the IDEA system is unique in that it focuses on student learning. In this system, teaching effectiveness is determined by student progress on goals chosen by the instructor that are relevant to their courses, and faculty are then rated only on those chosen goals.

The IDEA instrument has demonstrated reliability and validity, and allows results to be compared to a national database of over 100,000 classes (35% of which are religiously affiliated), as well as to courses within your chosen discipline. Feedback to faculty will include a diagnostic component to help improve teaching effectiveness for the chosen objectives.

This system depends on both faculty and student input.  Faculty will need to complete a Faculty Information Form for each course being surveyed. (Please note that your course evaluations cannot be processed unless this form is completed.)  Students then complete the survey form.

A university-wide course evaluation will occur the fall semester of even years, with the next university-wide survey in fall 2012.  Each school/department has it's own criteria for for course evaluation during the remaining semesters/terms.

The Center for Faculty Development oversees the administration of the IDEA Course Evaluation Instrument which includes ordering survey forms, setting up online surveys, gathering completed surveys and submitting them for processing, and distributing faculty reports.  The Center for Faculty Development also assists faculty in interpreting their results.

This website is a resource for faculty, department chairs, administrators, and students to help use IDEA to improve instruction and curriculum on campus.

Please visit the IDEA Center website: www.theideacenter.org for more information on IDEA.