Welcome to Blackboard

Some instructors at Biola use Blackboard to post grades, provide documents online, or have online class discussions. This page tells you how to use Blackboard at Biola.

Logging In for First-time users: Your Initial Password Example:
Username: 1234567 (Your Biola ID number with no leading zero)
Password: do0131 (for John Doe with phone number 562-943-0131)
Doesn't work? Try Blackboard Password Reset Form. Or see details below

Logging In &  Passwords

We create a Blackboard account for every instructor and student officially registered in a Biola class. Your username is your Biola ID number (like 1234567) and your initial password is the first two letters of your last name in lowercase plus the last four digits of your phone number (or last four digits of your ID number if we don't have your phone number). For example, John Doe's password might be do0131

If you do not know your password, click the "Forget Your Password?" link to send yourself and email (usually to your @biola.edu address). See below for more details. See First Time Access for help setting up your NetID and email.

Once you know your username (Biola ID Number) and Blackboard password, log in at http://biola.blackboard.com/ (We recommend bookmarking that address)

Change Your Password

To change your password, click "Personal Information" then "Change Password":

We recommend you change it to your my.Biola password or your email password so it's easy to remember. 

Can't Log in? Reset Your Password

If you don't know your password, you can have the system email you a link by clicking on the "Forget Your Password?" link:

This will pop-up a new window. If it doesn't pop-up a new window, you may have to temporarily disable your pop-up blocker. In the new window, fill in the top three spaces with your First Name, Last Name, and your Biola ID number. Then click Submit.

This will send an email to you with a link in it that will allow you to reset your password. It will use the email address listed in the Blackboard system (usually your @biola.edu address, unless you've changed it).

If you get the message "No user accounts were found that matched the information entered" double-check your ID number, and try typing your whole first name (e.g. "Jonathan" rather than "Jon"). Another thing to try is to add your middle name. For some accounts that were created before 2010, Blackboard thinks your first name is your first plus your middle name (e.g. a person named John Harold Doe might have his first name listed as "John Harold"). So try typing your first and middle names in that first box.

If none of these things work, contact the I.T. Helpdesk or send an email to Matthew Weathers, the Blackboard Admin.

Your Classes

After you log in, you will see a list of your classes that use Blackboard under the "My Courses" section. This is not an official list, only the classes for which the instructor has chosen to use Blackboard. This list may include classes from the past few semesters, even if you did not use Blackboard for that class. Missing a class? Your instructor can add you to your class, or you can contact the Blackboard Administrator. Note: these are listed alphabetically, not chronologically.

You can click the little round gear icon to the right of "My Courses" to edit which classes appear in this list. You may want to turn off the "Display Course Name" checkboxes for old classes or classes that don't use Blackboard. 

Common Problems

Blank Pages, Errors, Timeouts
When the network gets busy, it's not uncommon for Blackboard pages (or any web pages) to take a long time to load, or to not load at all, or to report "Not Found" or "Error" messages. In that case, just reload the page, that usually fixes the problem.

We also recommend using Firefox - that browser seems to have less errors than Safari or Internet Explorer when using Blackboard.

Missing Class on Blackboard
We do not create Blackboard course sites for every Biola class, only for those requested by the professor (instructors: request your classes by finding the class in this list). Your official class list is available on my.Biola. Blackboard might not show all your classes.

When you first add a new class, it may take a day or two for that to appear on Blackboard. Your instructor can follow these instructions to add you sooner.

If it's been longer than 48 hours since you added the class, and you're pretty sure your instructor is using Blackboard, contact Matthew Weathers by email.

Can't See Buttons in a Class
Once you're in the class, there's a little arrow that lets you hide & show the course menu. If you don't see any buttons along the left side, click icon to show the course menu.

Other Accounts at Biola
Every Biola person has several computer accounts. Your Blackboard account is just one of them. Here's the list:
  • Blackboard Account - Username is your Student ID Number (like "1234567") 
  • Google Email account - Username is first part of your email (like "john.doe")
  • my.Biola Account - Use your NetID (like "johnd4")
See the Student Information page of the Computer Support web site for more info on all of these accounts.

Questions? Need Help?
The Biola HelpDesk can help you with passwords & log in issues. Their hours are usually 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays, x4740 or 562-903-4740. See the HelpDesk website. For class-specific questions, contact your instructor.

You may also contact Matthew Weathers, the Blackboard administrator via email, or leave voicemail on Biola's Blackboard 24-hour help line at 562-322-7427.