Introducing the 2nd Muskoka Youth Summit on the Environment

Biodiversity loss is one of the biggest challenges facing our generation.

In June 2012 a consortium of organizations is holding the 2nd Muskoka Summit on the Environment at the Rene Caisse Theatre in Bracebridge, Ontario. There will also be a concurrent Youth Summit held at Nipissing University's Muskoka campus involving local high school students in the senior grades.

This year’s theme is "Biodiversity Loss – from Science to Policy" and the conference will include eight speakers, each of whom will highlight issues and trends and examine policy options for future action. The speakers will range in expertise from scientists to policy writers to frontline people implementing local programs. Paul Kennedy of the CBC show Ideas will moderate the panel discussion and record the event for a future show broadcast. All speaker presentations will also be live streamed to Nipissing University's Muskoka campus. As the presentations are streamed, the students will be able to feed questions back to the speakers in real time.

The objective of the Summit is to engage and motivate the public with university and high school students, academics and other professionals, in an open debate and discussion on the implications of biodiversity loss. A formal communiqué will be developed that can be used by the public at a local, regional, provincial, or national level to encourage action to be taken on stopping biodiversity loss. The high school students will also develop their own communiqué that will be presented to appropriate decision makers as determined by the students.