General comments for all groups:

*Review STARS/campus report card area definitions to be clear on the boundaries of your area. If you are not clear AFTER doing this, ask me. Put the descriptive text from the relevant definitions on your home page. I CANNOT EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH. SOME OF YOU WASTED A LOT OF YOUR TIME FOR LACK CLARITY FROM NOT  REVIEWING THIS.

*Move items that belong on other team pages to the comments section of that page, after first seeing if the page already contains that content. 

*Review other team’s pages for ideas and for stuff to cross link or move to your page.

*Focus on content

            -interviews: assets not on site, needs, models (post names, titles, contact)

-continue web research on models for needs

            -hold off on re-formatting pending my meeting with Stephen palmer. However, clean up your page so it looks orderly.

-all listings should have DIRECT weblinks, 1-3 line descriptions (as appropriate), facebook link (if available at bottom), contact (if available). url’s and emails should be links from contact (emails) organization/program (urls). 

*Put your list of interviews up on the TO DO interview page & coordinate with each other to have combined meetings. Also, put the names of those you have ALREADY interviewed with the relevant info.

All of these folks should be invited (by you) to attend the presentation.

*In your interviews, ask them to review the relevant pages of the site and give comments on the pages in question. Email the URL to them so they have an easy time doing this.

e.g. this is the url of the main project page <>

*priority meetings – delegate students teams – bring all group questions

-Juliet B. (co-curricular education).


-sandy dejohn

-pete k.

-Mr. fiumera (biology)

-Center for civic engagement-Alison Alden


*Take down all working comments from your pages once completed.

*all groups need to meet in the week after you meet with me.

*Part/All of Nov. 11 or 16th class on the project

*group meetings in lieu of class on November 18

*in class mock presentations on November 23 & 30

Presentation Format

*For each group, across all areas (subpages).

*5-8 min. each

1. highlight the strong points for assets. The 2-3 hings we do pretty well. 

2. hightlight the important needs (2-3)

3. show great models of the needs in 2 from other universities and colleges. 


*figure out how to organize 'the teams' page
*remove project definition redundancy
*Insert better todo tool here
*Figure out fields of sustainability layout 
one idea
*post a v. clear definition of sustainability on the home page. 




Subpages (1): Interview page