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The last two subpages should become one page.

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home page title change to: Education, research and communications

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Combine the last two subpages & change title to Sustainability communication and publications

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Please post a list of those you have or will interview and why (what questions do you have of them).

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Ryan Yarosh- assistant director of media relations at Binghamton University : Role in communication efforts of sustainability at Binghamton University, and what steps are necessary in letting all the faculty, staff and students know whats going on.

Miranda Souva:Assistant director for new student programs- Why there isn't any sustainability education as a part of the orientating process. --Have a sustainability skit with the safety skits. Give out green pamphlets to all students.

Peter Knuepfer: Staff development & Envi Sustainability specialization and gen-ed (Envi Majors)

Juliet Berling: What was your role at the University and how do you think you the University will cover the jobs you performed.

David Hagerbaumer: Director of Campus Life- What co-cirricular activities are available on campus pertaining to sustainability education, research and communications on Binghamtons Campus

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For course listings, only include individual courses if there is not a link to an existing page which lists them under the rubric of envi. studies or sustainability.

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Move the relevant material here from the co-curricular ed. page.

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Curriculum and research subpages can either be separate or together. Try separate first.

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It may be desirable to create a forth level for the course listings.

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Bio-engineering is working on creating a new sustainable engineering department Contacts - Sage Mingrino / George Catalano


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Some of what is above is part of the curriculum (e.g. Dick Andrus's field study program is a course) and should be moved to that section.

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The definition of co-curricular education that we are using from the Stars rating system would exclude a good bit of the above (e.g the listing of student organizations, UNLESS they are actually involved in co-curricular ed as follows (READ ALL THE RELEVANT PAGES OF STARS!).

1. "Institution coordinates an ongoing peer‐to‐peer sustainability outreach and education program for students. In the program, student educators are formally designated by the institution and receive formal training or participate in an institution‐sponsored orientation. The institution offers staff and/or financial support to the program."

2. measurable results in advancing sustainability. The campaign could take the form of a competition, such as a residence hall conservation competition, or collective challenge, such a campus‐wide drive to achieve a specific sustainability target.
For this credit, the outreach campaign(s) are directed toward at least 50 percent of the student body. For example, if the campaign targets on‐campus residents, at least 50 percent of the institution’s students must live on campus in order to qualify for the credit. Multiple campaigns that cumulatively reach or measure at least 50 percent of the student body count for this credit.

3.Institution holds at least one sustainability‐related outreach campaign directed at students that yields Institution includes sustainability prominently in new student orientation activities and/or materials distributed to new students.

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This is to go on your new research page. Complements of the energy group -Research
At the Integrated Electronics Engineering Center (IEEC), Dr. Bahgat Sammakia is working to design data centers (servers) that require less cooling than current data centers.
Contact: Dr. Bahgat Sammakia (Director of Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging, or S3IP) -

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Some more research info:

Dr. Kanad Ghose and Dr. Quinru Qiu are working to develop highly efficient computers that use less energy. At the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM), researchers are working on "roll-to-roll" electronics manufacturing, which is more energy-efficient than current manufacturing methods.
Contacts: Dr. Kanad Ghose (Director of Computer Science Program) -; Dr. Quinru Qiu (Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering) -

Relevant Links:

also, the link to IEEC is:

and the link to S3IP is: