HotCoCo is a small-sized informal gathering of students and faculty members at Binghamton University who are interested in a particular topic related to Complex Systems. Organization (and disorganization) of these gatherings is spontaneous and distributed. The CoCo group offers a web server space (this page) to advertise their activities, but no futher support/endorsement/supervision is provided.

Contact the coordinator of each HotCoCo if you are interested. Contact if you want to create a new HotCoCo and have it listed on this page.

Neural Networks for Machine Learning (Active)

Coordinators: Jeff Schmidt ( & Tom Raway (
Current members: 
  Ohad Barsimantov (, 
  Mavi Ruiz Blondet (, 
   Arnab Roy (,
   Phil Ross (
Meetings: TBD for Fall 2012
Location: TBD

This group will be supplemental to the Coursera course taught by Geoffrey Hinton of the University of Toronto.  It is meant to be a discussion forum to further our understanding of new Neural Network machine learning techniques.  The broader purpose of this hotCoCo group is to familiarize ourselves with the leading neural network, and potentially other, machine learning methods.

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems (Active)

Coordinator: Benjamin Bush (
Current members: Jeff Schmidt, Hiroki Sayama, Tom Raway, Todd Guilfoos

This group is created by graduate students who are frustrated by their lack of basic knowledge of differential equations and dynamical systems (and their supervisor). We are planning to have a semi-regular meeting to go over some basics of diff. eqs. and nonlinear dynamics theory in Fall 2012.
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OpenCL/GPU (Inactive)

Coordinator: Jeff Schmidt (
Current members: Jin Park, Matt Hoffman, Tom Raway, Ohad Barsimantov, Qionghua Weng
Meetings: TBD for Fall 2012
Location: TBD

We will have sessions to learn collaboratively how to use OpenCL/GPU for scientific computing, in order to improve our skill sets and thereby enhance our competitiveness in the job market :)  The current topics were interested in covering are: OpenCL, CUDA, and Hadoop.

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