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Google Training

Helpful Links:

Google Apps Training- Product overviews, features and demos

Online assistance with Google Apps - Google Apps Learning Center

User Guides:

Google Apps on Mobile Devices - Use these instructions to set up your BlackBerry, Iphone or other mobile device to access Google Mail and Calendar.

Google Calendar FAQ for Administrative Assistants - If you manage another employee's calendar, refer to this guide for learn more about setting up meetings, handling invitations and notifications, and sharing calendars.
Google Quick Reference Sheets - Here you can find brief, printable guides to help you use key features in Google Apps.

Self- Paced Videos

These elearning courses let you learn about Google Mail and Calendar at your own pace.
Google Apps Basics: Mail and Calendar - Watch this video first to learn about working with your new Google Apps account.
Managing Your Inbox: Tips and Tricks for Gmail - Get the most out of Google Mail by using labels, search, keyboard shortcuts, and more.
Gmail Basic Course - Watch this series of step-by-step video instructions on working with Google Mail.
eLearning Videos - Here you will find self-paced videos to help you learn the basics of Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

Quick Clips

These videos show you quick demos of common tasks.