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1.  In your BMail account, click on Settings -- Forwarding and POP/IMAP  and make sure IMAP is enabled in BMail settings

2. In Eudora, Click on Tools- then Personalities.   

3. Right Click on the Personalities window- select New…

4. Choose Skip Directly to advanced account setup . Click Finish

5.  Type the following:
Personality Name: BMail
Real Name: First and Last Name
Email Address: userID@binghamton.edu
User Name: userID@binghamton.edu
SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
Under Secure Sockets when Sending select: Required, Alternate Port

6. Click on the Incoming Mail tab
Server: imap.gmail.com 
Configuration: IMAP

Authentication: Passwords
Secure Sockets when Receiving: Required, Alternate Port

Click OK

9. Type your Bmail password, and then click, OK
You will see this box:

Your Account is setup. Your BMail Inbox and Labels should show up in Eudora on the left hand side in the Mailbox Window.