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Google Calendar Help

Google Calendar Help
  • For information on the "Find a Time" feature to schedule and event for several people and a quick tour on how to use the feature click here.

  • Synching Your Calendar with Microsoft Outlook
    • For information on synching your Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook, click here.

  • Out of Office Assistant in Outlook

    • If you have been migrated from the Microsoft Exchange server to Google Apps, the Out of Office Assistant will no longer be available to in your Outlook client.
    • You can set your “out of office “message in your BMail account.  In BMail this feature is called “Vacation Responder”.    Log in to your BMail account at http://bmail.binghamton.edu and follow these simple instructions to set your out of office message and the appropriate dates

      Note regarding the End Date - this date represents the last date you want the message to be sent.  So if you're out of the office through May 25, 2011, then the end date should be May 25, 2011.  If you're off for one day, the begin date and the end date are the same.  

           Calendar Embedded in a Google Site Displays Wrong Time Zone
    • You have to set your time zone in your user settings. When in the site apps, there's a link next on the top of the page.
      https://sites.google.com/site/sites/system/app/pages/meta/dashboard/userSettings.   if your BMail account has been migrated to the new account 
      infrastructure, click on the Options Icon in the upper left hand section of the page and drag your mouse to the User Settings link and click.  Change Time Zone to GMT-05:00 Eastern TIme - New York and click save changes.

      It will default to Pacific time if you don't set anything.

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