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BMail Help

Getting Started with BMail

If you want to use the web interface to BMail, reset your BMail password at http://password.binghamton.edu/
          To login and read your mail, go to http://bmail.binghamton.edu/  

         NOTE:  Alternate Method to Access BMail

         If you cannot access http://bmail.binghamton.edu, you can go to http://mail.google.com and use your fully qualified                  email address, that is userid@binghamton.edu, and password to log in.

But if you prefer to continue to use your current e-mail tool, here are some documents to instruct you on how to set up your e-mail client software for the more popular e-mail tools used on campus. 


If need further assistance, contact the ITS Help Desk at 607-777-6420. To better serve you, provide the Help Desk analyst with the answers to the question above, if possible.

Spam and Unsolicited E-mail

Tips and Tricks
  • If you're using BMail and you send a message from a trashed conversation, the message will not appear in your Sent Mail label. But you will find it in your "Trash" label.  If you want to save the sent message in your Sent Mail label, move the message to your Inbox before replying to the message.
  • "Sorting" BMail messages using keyword searches.
  • To view all unread e-mails in your BMail account, type the words   is:unread  in the Search Box and click "Search Mail".  You will see only e-mail that has been unread.
  • You can find other search options by clicking on the "Show Search Options" link next to the Search Box and click here for more advanced search options.
  • If you're not familiar with Google e-mail (BMail), here is some information from Google to get you started.
  • Are links still trying to send mail using your old client? Try this.
  • Use Canned Responses to automatically reply back to a sender based on a filter setting or use a canned response instead of typing the same message each time some one e-mails you with a common question.  Learn how to set up a canned response by accessing this blog.  Here is a helpful Youtube video on the canned response.
  • If you're planning to use an e-mail client with your BMail account, you might want to read this regarding POP and IMAP connections.
  • It's easy to set up an automatic vacation response in BMail.  Click here for detailed instructions for setting up a vacation response.
  • Learn how to export contacts from other mail providers here.  You can find information on importing contacts by creating a CSV (Comma separated value) files and importing into Google.
  • Click here to find more tips and tricks from Google to increase your productivity and manage your e-mail more efficiently. Download a printable guide from this website to help you master your BMail.
  • Google made some enhancements to labeling. You can drag and drop messages into labels; you have control over what lables you show or hide; for more information on labels, click here.
  • Still interested in using Eudora with BMail?  Here are some tips on how to access BMail with Eudora 7.1
  • If you can't find an e-mail or e-mails that you  think you should have received in your BMail account, check "All Mail" or "Spam" labels for the messages.  You can also use the "Search Mail" function to assist. 
  • Reaching your storage limit?  This is hard to believe, but you'll find some helpful information when you click on this link.

Listserv and BMail
  • When you send a message to Listserv, Google's Groups service only places that message in your 'Sent Mail' label and doesn't send it to your Inbox. This is expected behavior and is meant to decrease Inbox clutter for our users. Google believes that users are aware of messages that they have sent out and don't need to see a copy of these messages in their Inbox, especially since these messages have also been placed in their 'Sent Mail' label.

  • As a workaround, users can do the following:

  • 1. Log into their BMail account
    2. Click on "Create filter"
    3. Place your e-mail address in the "From:" field and the listserv address in the "To:" field of the filter
    4. Click on the "Next step" button
    5. Check the radio button next to "Never send it to spam"
    6. Click on the "Create filter" button

    After the user has created the filter above, all messages sent your account to the Listserv will be placed into your Inbox, in addition to being placed in his/her 'Sent Mail' label.

Deleting Messages

Google lets you delete either an entire conversation or one message from a conversation.  Click here for more information about deleting messages.  Please note: deleting mesages from Sent Mail removes the conversation from every view and moves it to Trash
If you have moved a conversation to Trash and it has been fewer than 30 days, you can recover the conversation.  Click here to find out how to recover deleted messages.
Google offers some tips for finding missing messages.  Here a some tips for searching for missing messages

Helpful Google Gadgets
  • Telecom Directory Search - is a helpful gadget that you can add to your BMail window that allows you to search the Telecom directory for phone numbers and email address.  To active this convenient gadget do the following:  in your BMail window click on "Settings" in the upper right corner of the window.  Next, click on Labs (Labs will not appear in IE6).  Find the gadget called Add any gadget by URL and click Enable and then save changes.  Now go back to settings and click on Gadgets.  Enter this link in the field named "Add a gadget by its URL" http://www.telecom.binghamton.edu/gdirectory.xml and click Add.  The Telecom directory search should now appear in your BMail window.
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