What happened with your Google Apps account? The Google Apps account has changed and Google required Binghamton University to transition to the new account infrastructure. 

Current Status of the Account Transition

The transition to full Google accounts was completed in mid-August 2011.  However, the expansion of your Google Apps account to include more Google services has not taken place.

Information Technology Services at Binghamton University has been directed by SUNY’s legal counsel not to offer the additional apps until a new “Terms of Service” agreement has been reached between SUNY and Google.

Both parties have been in discussions to rework the agreement, but to date no agreement has been reached.

Once an agreement has been reached, ITS will release a statement and a timeline for offering the new services.  

Last updated September 29, 2011

What does the change mean for you?

  • Now that your account has been transitioned, you will have two ways to sign in going forward.
    • Our custom login page will continue to work.  You may continue to login to your BMail account at http://bmail.binghamton.edu or you can login at http://mail.google.com 
    • If you login at http://mail.google.com you must enter your fully qualified mail address, i.e. userid@binghamton.edu
  • The sign out link can be found under your e-mail address in the upper right hand corner of your e-mail page.  Click on the down arrow next to your e-mail address to find the sign out link.
  • Currently, when you sign out of your account, you will see the general consumer login page for that service.  This is expected behavior. You can use this page to log back into your account by entering your full email address and password. For example, userid@binghamton.edu.
  • You won't be able to login to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser as you could prior to the upgrade.  See the section entitled Common Issues and Using multiple accounts to enable multiple sign-in.
  • Data ownership.
    • All data continues to be owned by Binghamton University and are subject to our terms and conditions.
  • The upgrade to your Binghamton University Google Apps account will not affect your personal Gmail account.

Common Issues

  • Using multiple accounts.
    • After the Google Apps transition, you'll find that you cannot sign into another Google account in the same browser while you're signed into your Google Apps account.
    • However, Google does have a procedure for using multiple accounts. See this guide for details.
  • E-mail delegation.
    • Both the delegate's account and the primary account must be transitioned.
  • Conflicting accounts.
    • What is a conflicting account? A conflicting account exists if a user created a personal Google Account with the same email address username as their organization-managed Google Apps account.  According to Google, about 10 percent of our users have conflicting accounts
    • How will I know I have a conflicting account? After your Binghamton Google Apps account has been migrated and you attempt to login to your Google personal account with the same username as your Binghamton e-mail address, you will be directed to the following screen.  Follow the instructions on this screen to resolved the conflict.
    • You have two options to resolve conflicting accounts.  
  • If you do not have any need for the conflicting account, i.e. the non-BU account, you can use these instructions to delete it.

For more information:

Watch a video about the new applications 

Check out Google's documentation on the migration.