Date: February 17th 2012
Time: 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Location: Appalachian Dining Hall

What is the CLIP Competition?
The CLIP Competition is an annual networking and gaming event hosted by the Scholars Program in the School of Management. It is Designed to test the skills of Creativity, Leadership, Innovation, and Professionalism. Approximately 80 students with a qualifying GPA are preselected to compete in various business-orientated obstacles

Professionals in attendance are integrated into the events to participate hand-in-hand with the students, giving them the rare opportunity to see students interact in a real team environment. The obstacles simulate work-like scenarios, extracting critical thinking, communication, creativity, and speaking skills. Based on a point system, students will be eliminated throughout the event until we have a final "CLIP Champion". The competition includes a lunch and a closing ceremony rewarding the first place student a cash prize.

What Abilities and Skills are Tested?
The Competition is designed to test Creativity, Leadership, Innovation, and Professionalism, but the real beauty of this event is that through the challenges that are developed participants also test their communication skills, public speaking skills, team working abilities, analytical skills, and problem solving skills.

What is the Competition like?
The competition consists of a morning period of events, a break for lunch, elimination based on performance, an afternoon period of events, another elimination, a final round to determine the winner and a closing ceremony.

All students who sign up are guaranteed to be there at least for the first half of the competition as well as for lunch. Continuation after lunch will be based on individual and team performance. Eliminated students are allowed to stay for the rest of the event if they desire.

Students will compete in a variety of business oriented games designed to test certain skills. For every game there will be close interaction with a recruiter or professional. Most, if not all, of the games you will find that recruiters and professionals are on your team and will be working with you to win. Each game has a different point system and points will be awarded on a basis of how your team and each member of your perform. Below is an example of a game used in last years competition.

Example Game
This game is called Manufacture Manager:
Teams of six worked together to try and build the most efficient motorized vehicle possible. They need ed to employ innovative tactics to design the vehicle, practical applications to build it, and supply chain management skills to manage their resources effectively.

Each team had a limited amount of money and time and worked under pressure to manufacture a vehicle that meets certain customer specifications. Each team member had a job position and was only allowed to work at their respective position.  The manufacturers were only allowed to touch the vehicle. The engineers were only allowed to design the vehicle. The supply chain manager was the only member allowed to purchase and resell supplies.
Points were awarded based on how much time was spent building the vehicle, how much money each team saved, and how well their car operated during testing.  In order for each team to succeed, they needed to be able to communicate clearly between each other, think critically and informatively, and manage their resources of time and money.

For this game, there were 5 students and 1 recruiter/professional per team.
Each team had 2 engineers, 2 Manufacturers and 1 Supply Chain Manager.
The motorized vehicles were built with Lego car parts and real Lego motors.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in CLIP. This is not a commitment. If you do wish to sign up for the event go to the registration page and fill out that separate form. 

CLIP Student Interest Form

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