2010-2011 Involvement

Last year (2010-2011) marked the first ever CLIP Competition. Here is a list of those who helped create and launch the competition, firms which participated, and the top 10 finishers. 

CLIP Competition Director
Joshua Katz

Professional Engagement Team
Lisa Harris
Bill Landis

Event Development Team
Chris Carton
Paula Ryszkiewicz
Sara Molinari
Theo Baktidy

Student Engagement Team
Christian Hall
Jon Scordato

Participating Firms
    Emma Anne Millard
    Brendan McGovern
    John Goldstein
    Mark D'Agostino
    Stan Gushchin
    Zach Schwartz
Goldman Sachs
    Dan Wasser
    Mallory Leib

Participating Professors
Elliot Kamlet
Upinder Dhillon  

Top 10 Finalists
Benjamin Finkel
George Parublev
Josh Aharanoff
James Conticello
Joey Lesner
Saba Siddiqui
Eric Huynh
Katherine Martinez
Kai Liu
Greg Lipsit