About China Related Careers

The Chinese Related Careers website was created by Professor Nick Kaldis of Binghamton University and a few of his students (see "contact us" section). This website is designed to be a resource for people on the path to finding a Chinese-related career. We conceive of “China” and “Chinese” in the broadest possible terms, to include the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan (The Republic of China), Singapore, Hong Kong, and diasporic communities of Chinese speakers and/or people of Chinese heritage around the globe.

Why a Career Dealing with China?

The contemporary global and regional importance of China is among the most significant phenomena of the 21st-Century. This phenomenon cannot be properly understood, however, without knowledge of the distinct and diverse local characteristics that comprise greater “China”, including its history, society, economy, politics, and culture. For what is “China” and “Chinese” in the 21st-Century has become a complex issue, encompassing a diversity of definitions and narratives of “China” that challenges any singular, reductive, or monolithic “CHINA”. Therefore, people familiar with the many facets of Chinese history, society, economy, politics, and culture are poised to make significant contributions to any institution, corporation, NGO, educational, government-affiliated, or private organization that requires personnel with knowledge, background, and interest in China (familiarity with the Chinese language is of course an extremely valuable asset as well).  These China experts are best able to analyze and interpret how the various and frequently contested ideas, images, and narratives of Chinese history, society, economy, politics, and culture are evolving in the 21st-Century.

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