Skyview Music Department

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Required instruction (including but not limited to lessons, readings, texts, discussions, etc.) is part of our district curriculum, Billings Public Schools continues to follow Senate Bill 99 as well as board policy 2310 procedure 2 which states that when selecting materials, teachers, and administrators must review their content and consider the issues of violence, profanity, prurient subject matter, cultural concerns, and historical accuracy in the selection process. Objections to lessons and/or materials must be brought to the teacher's attention in writing, using the District Alternative Material Request Form. Alternatives may be available within district guidelines. If an objection is submitted, the teacher will then select an alternative option from the appropriate course/grade level guidelines to provide the students with an independent study opportunity as allowed by state law and local policy. The approved reading list, courses, and units of study are available on the District webpage under curriculum.

At Skyview High School, we have a “plan” for student devices, not a “ban.” Students in possession of personal telecommunication devices and other related electronic devices (e.g., iPods/AirPods) shall adhere to the following policy:

  1. Devices shall be silenced and put away during instruction. To limit distractions, devices shall not be on desks or in pockets. If a device is brought to the classroom, it needs to be stored in a backpack or purse.

  2. Electronic devices may be used in class at the teacher’s discretion for academic purposes.

  3. Staff members will ask the student to put the device in a designated area or on the teacher’s desk for the remainder of that class period for any violation of this policy.

  4. Students who refuse to hand-over their phone to the classroom teacher will be subject to disciplinary action (defiance) by the Assistant Principals with a discipline slip by the teacher.

    1. The device(s) will remain in the Assistant Principal’s office for the remainder of the day.

    2. After-school detention will be assigned.

    3. The referral will be recorded in the student’s behavior log.

    4. Excessive violation of this policy may include multiple detentions, ISS, OSS or other arrangements as decided upon by the student, his or her parents and the Assistant Principal. Aaron Schendel, Band Hannah Anderson, Choir Michael Mleko, Orchestra Lisa Sharbono, Music Secretary