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Help us to win a KTVQ Grant!
Castle Rock Middle School is working hard to implement a tiered system to support the needs of all students. Tier II interventions can support social, emotional, behavioral and/or academic needs. Interventions can range from extra academic support, fidget toys for help focusing, a Check-In/Check-out with a staff member to teach and monitor progress on school-wide expectations. 

Castle Rock would like the assistance of the One School at a Time grant to develop a sensory library to purchase equipment that will help us serve students that need these additional supports. This library could be accessed by teachers who see the need for a student to have access to a different approach; ex. a child with ADHD that would benefit from having a standing desk to accommodate his need for movement. 

Castle Rock has two Delta classrooms that serve students with special social and emotional needs. This grant could help purchase an iPad that could be used for special applications that help serve students with autism, ADHD or those that need to improve self-regulation skills. 

The opportunities for building an equipment sensory library could drastically improve the success for students who need to be given the tools that will help them learn. Everything in the library would be accessible to ALL students to check out by their teachers. The library would consist of an iPad, several standing desks, balance boards, stability ball chairs, fidgets and sensory equipment to start with. 

Please support our bid for this grant by following the link below and voting for Castle Rock on the KTVQ One School at a Timye grant site:

    Main Office: (406) 281-5800
     (406) 281-5807
    ax: (406) 254-1116