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7th and 8th Grade Registration
Registration for next year's classes is quickly approaching. Our school counselors, Mrs. Toney and Mr. Virostko, will be visiting 6th and 7th grade science classes next week to begin pre-registration. They'll explain course selection and options to students and provide them with copies of the registration form to bring home to parents. Students are encouraged to select elective classes for next year through discussion with their parents and to return with their completed registration forms the following week. The school counselors will meet with them again to help them enter their course requests into PowerSchool.
  • 6th to 7th Grade Pre-registration -- Fri. Apr. 7
  • 6th to 7th Grade Registration -- Wed. Apr. 12
  • 7th to 8th Grade Pre-registration -- Wed. Apr. 5
  • 7th to 8th Grade Registration -- Mon. Apr. 10 
Online information about next year's elective choices is available on Castle Rock's website at:…/castle-rock-middle-school/classes
Summer Driver's Education
Registration for summer Drivers Ed will be 8:00 am April 3rd until 3:00 pm April 19th.

To register please visit and click on the enrollment form under the school you wish to attend.

Students must be born on or before November 24, 2002 in order to register for the 1st summer session and by January 10, 2003 to register for the 2nd summer session of Drivers Ed.

All information regarding summer Drivers Ed can be found at

If you have any questions, please call Joni at 281-5074.

Yearbooks Sold Out
Sales for this year's yearbook have closed. The book has been sent to print and all orders have been placed.
Main Office: (406) 281-5800
 (406) 281-5807
ax: (406) 254-1116