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Welcome to English with Mrs. Bodine!
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Materials Needed--loose-leaf paper, writer's notebook (this is specifically for English only and will need to be turned in at random times--COMPOSITION NOTEBOOKS ONLY), pen and pencil, planner, and any text we are reading from for the week.
Textbooks--Elements of Literature second course. Each student will have one Elements of Literature book checked out to him or her. It will stay at school unless homework is assigned. The cost to replace the literature book is $75.00. If lost, your child will be expected to cover these costs. It is important that they do not lend out their books to anyone or leave them in the classroom. Please remind them of this.
Grade Check Policy:
Students will be given their Power Student log-in information. It will be the student's responsibility to check his or her grade weekly. Students may also come in before or after school. Computers will be available in the classroom to perform this task when needed.

ICU will be in place for missing assignments. MISSING WORK IS NOT an option. All work must be completed. ONLY a completion grade will be given after one past the due date. Absences will extend that time frame at the discretion of the teacher while following school policy. 

Homework is practice and will either receive a +, check or -. If the student gets a -, don't sweat it! These items are practice for the essays AND tests. We will go over them in class the majority of the time. Think of them as ONLY practice. A student can only get below a + if he or she does less than the assigned work or doesn't follow directions. The grade will rely heavily on tests, quizzes, and essays. 

Parents/Guardians, if your child is struggling, he/she should come in before school (7:30 A.M.) or after school to BOOST in the library from 3:30-4:30 P.M. If doing this presents an issue, please contact me to make other arrangements to achieve success. Thank you!

Grade Calculations   33%--Assessments; 33%--Essays; 33%--Concept Reinforcement (Homework)   
MLA Heading in top-left corner of all assignments! 
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